We take great pride in being a university for the region. Our ‘Heart of the Region’ initiative aims to highlight what we do, whilst outlining plans to benefit the region even further.

Sheffield Hallam University’s foundations can be traced back to the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution – with the opening of the Sheffield School of Design, which produced skilled designers who were integral to the success of manufacturers and industry in the city.

Today Sheffield Hallam is at the heart of the region, woven in to the fabric and culture of Sheffield and the surrounding area, vital to its success.

With over 30,000 students the University is one of the most popular universities in the country offering exceptional teaching and research, with particular commitment to applying its expertise to solving real-world problems.

Almost half of our students come from within 25 miles of the University, many from areas with traditionally low numbers of young people entering higher education.

Recent years have seen the University play an even greater leadership role in the region - leading improvements in social mobility, quality of life and the economy through the impact of our students, research and partnerships. We are determined to support our community to make the improvements our region needs.

Professor Sir Chris Husbands
Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University

“It is vital that our universities have a vision that is local as well as global, representing its local town and community. In 1978, there were 4,000 students in Sheffield and nearly 45,000 people working in the steel industry - today that number is reversed, with around 60,000 students and somewhere in the region of 3,000 steelworkers.

“Sheffield Hallam is a fantastic example of an institution reviving the ideals of a civic university and I’m pleased that local engagement is central to its approach – this is more important than ever.”

Sam Gyimah MP
Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation

"Sheffield Hallam University is a shining example of a progressive, creative, dynamic and inclusive institution that encourages everyone, from all walks of life, to strive for academic excellence.

“Sheffield Hallam’s cutting-edge collaborations with business, in areas including advanced health and wellbeing, are internationally significant, while closer to home, their projects, such as South Yorkshire Futures, are helping transform lives right here in our city region.

“As Mayor, I hugely value the contribution that Sheffield Hallam University make and am proud to be co-operating with them on a range of projects that will develop our region, grow our economy and help to create prosperity for all.”

Dan Jarvis MP
Mayor of the Sheffield City Region